i hate men.

my best friend vicks and i had this gchat exchange today at work: 

poppy:  i hate men
vicks:  me too
i dont know why this is so hard
i dont understand why they are so stupid and complicated and retarded
 Sent at 3:54 PM on Tuesday
poppy:  meh
i don’t care anymore
vicks:  im 30 im drying up
poppy:  hahahha
you are NOT drying up
30 is beautiful
you are young and beautiful and smart
and why do you want to waste your time in prison?
vicks:  hahah
if im young you are a child
i wish it could just happen
or i could just know what was going to happen so i could stop thinking about it
 Sent at 3:57 PM on Tuesday
poppy:  hahahahaha
don’t think about it 
its not worth it
screw them
its not like guys sit around fretting if they are going to get married or not?
no they are out there living their lives!
being confused and useless!
 Sent at 4:04 PM on Tuesday
poppy:  that guy who i went out on a date with
prob didn’t even give me a second thought
adam- has been messing with my feelings for years and he doesn’t even bother to figure out what he wants
brian- oh wow he just woke up one morning and realized i wasn’t what he wanted
max- lying cheated bastard, married twice, knocked up half the country prob sleeps like a baby
joe-legitimately crazy, he wants his way or the highway, needy and complaining and fucking lost
 Sent at 4:08 PM on Tuesday
vicks:  hahahaha
i love this assessment 
this is so true
i love the max assessment best
i cant stop laughing

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