Tattooed lips?? Really?

You may have already known this.  But I did not.  Apparently, one can get her (or his) lips permanently tattooed with lip color. Last night a friend suggested I do this. She said it would “bring some color to my face…” Hmmmm…how does one react to such flattery?

Can you imagine how much it would hurt to get your lips tattooed?!!! Arggghhhh, I’m cringing, literally cringing at the thought and reflexively touching my lips just to check they are sans mutilations.

I decided to do a little research on this absurd phenomenon. Turns out there’s an entire industry for permanently tattooed make-up including tattooed eye-liner! I was shocked to discover my friend had done it! I was like “Didn’t that hurt (more cringing)?” She was like, “Oh yeah, it hurt like hell and my eyes swelled up a lot afterwards.” (My mouth drops.) She replies, “Hahaha, you looked shocked. (She winks here) It was so worth it though.”

I am disturbed. Very very disturbed.


tattoed make up  OR tattooed lips gone bad


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