i hate men.

my best friend vicks and i had this gchat exchange today at work: 

poppy:  i hate men
vicks:  me too
i dont know why this is so hard
i dont understand why they are so stupid and complicated and retarded
 Sent at 3:54 PM on Tuesday
poppy:  meh
i don’t care anymore
vicks:  im 30 im drying up
poppy:  hahahha
you are NOT drying up
30 is beautiful
you are young and beautiful and smart
and why do you want to waste your time in prison?
vicks:  hahah
if im young you are a child
i wish it could just happen
or i could just know what was going to happen so i could stop thinking about it
 Sent at 3:57 PM on Tuesday
poppy:  hahahahaha
don’t think about it 
its not worth it
screw them
its not like guys sit around fretting if they are going to get married or not?
no they are out there living their lives!
being confused and useless!
 Sent at 4:04 PM on Tuesday
poppy:  that guy who i went out on a date with
prob didn’t even give me a second thought
adam- has been messing with my feelings for years and he doesn’t even bother to figure out what he wants
brian- oh wow he just woke up one morning and realized i wasn’t what he wanted
max- lying cheated bastard, married twice, knocked up half the country prob sleeps like a baby
joe-legitimately crazy, he wants his way or the highway, needy and complaining and fucking lost
 Sent at 4:08 PM on Tuesday
vicks:  hahahaha
i love this assessment 
this is so true
i love the max assessment best
i cant stop laughing

The Rapture.

Alright ladies…this one is going to keep you on the edge of your seat. Sylvain Reynard strikes again with a deeply emotional sequel, Gabriel’s Rapture to the first book in this series, Gabriel’s Inferno. While the first book was filled with sexy, hot, and fiery scenes. The second book is filled with deeply emotional and soulful moments. Although, I still have my doubts that love lasts forever or that such a love exists such as that between Julianne and her Gabriel. But I would still like to believe its possible, and that my friends is why we read our happily ever afters… 

Looking forward to Book 3 in the series, Gabriel’s Redemption which comes out in December. And I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed our continued education in Dante. 

Oh and I totally had a wet dream about Professor Gabriel Emerson. He came to me and whisked me away on a white horse. Ok, so I can’t remember the exact details but he was there in the flesh. And then I woke up. It was tragic. I also recently discovered that our beautiful Professor is some British actor/model who goes by David Grandy. (Am I like so behind on this info? Probably). 

Anyway, yes David is a real man.


This man is just unreal. 


Tattooed lips?? Really?

You may have already known this.  But I did not.  Apparently, one can get her (or his) lips permanently tattooed with lip color. Last night a friend suggested I do this. She said it would “bring some color to my face…” Hmmmm…how does one react to such flattery?

Can you imagine how much it would hurt to get your lips tattooed?!!! Arggghhhh, I’m cringing, literally cringing at the thought and reflexively touching my lips just to check they are sans mutilations.

I decided to do a little research on this absurd phenomenon. Turns out there’s an entire industry for permanently tattooed make-up including tattooed eye-liner! I was shocked to discover my friend had done it! I was like “Didn’t that hurt (more cringing)?” She was like, “Oh yeah, it hurt like hell and my eyes swelled up a lot afterwards.” (My mouth drops.) She replies, “Hahaha, you looked shocked. (She winks here) It was so worth it though.”

I am disturbed. Very very disturbed.


tattoed make up  OR tattooed lips gone bad

Gabriel’s Inferno or mine?

I’ve done nothing in the past two days but read Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard (a.ka. anonymous Canadian author) and eat.


So lets’ break it down. Gabriel’s Inferno, was inspired by Twilight fanfiction…yeah remember that one Twilight, the one about the vampire and mortal which we don’t like to admit we read but I know you did. The book revolve arounds Mr. Professor Gabriel Emerson a.k.a Obnoxious Pretentious Ass (OPA) until of course he wakes up one day and realizes he is in love with Julianne Mitchell, his student and also his sister’s best friend who he had met six years earlier but didn’t immediately recognize. At which point OPA turns into Sexy and Loving Prince Charming  (SLPC). Before we get there though, Reynard introduces us to the alluring world of Dante Alighieri, a 14th century Italian poet who wrote the literary masterpiece, The Divine Comedy. The title of the book is a play off of Dante’s Inferno (the first part of The Divine Comedy). Unlike Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey (E.L. James), or the Crossfire Novels (Sylvia Day), I was quite intrigued and impressed by the history and literary references in the book. Reynard includes quite a bit of fascinating details about Dante, his poetry, and his beloved Beatrice. The sex scenes are definitely the least explicit compared to James and Day’s work. But there’s something very appealing about that innocence. Although some of the lovey dovey stuff does make me want to gag sometimes…but then again why do we read such things? To kill our brain cells?

Nope. We just rather live in fantasy than in reality. But then again how can these reading experiences not inform some of our expectations about love and relationships? Ay, there’s the rub my friends… As a woman, let’s be real, every girl wants an SLPC, actually let me clarify that, every girl wants an OPA that she turns into a Sexy and Loving Prince Charming. BUT will we ever meet our Professor Gabriel Emerson, 33 year-old sex god, incredibly brilliant and sexy who can quote Italian poetry from memory? Or how about our Christian Grey, 28 year-old billionaire sex god dominant alpha male who owns half the world or Gideon Cross, (I think he’s 28 too?) another billionaire sex god, incredibly dark and dangerous but so sensitive  (you get my drift)?? Will we? Nah, because they don’t exist. Or do they???

If they do, I call on all the ladies out there to share their experiences with us! Please please tell me because I want to know. God knows I haven’t met my SLPC, or anything close to that. Blah.

Anyway, I digress… back to Gabriel and Julianne. Of course like all these books, the girl is always the meeker and weaker of the two protagonists (although she does get stronger as the books progresses) who never eats (except Eva Tramell from the Crossfire Series, she kind of eats, I like that). But now I digress again.  I have to say I find it very interesting that Gabriel Emerson, Christian Grey, and Gideon Cross were all born out of Twilight fanfiction, a.ka. incredibly hot and breathtakingly beautiful vampire Edward Cullen. But Twilight is the only book that ISN’T about sex, nay its exclusively about love (well sort of…frankly I find their relationship a bit scarily co-dependent and emotionally abusive but who am I to talk, its not like I have a ridiculously beautiful vampire in my bed). But somehow all of the Twilight spin-offs have become about sex, a road paved by E.L. James. I mean don’t get me wrong some of those scenes  in Fifty Shades are unbelievably HOTHOTHOT and would make any girl think seriously about getting into BDSM. BUT again are we creating a demand for something that doesn’t exist??

OBVIOUSLY this doesn’t mean I won’t stop reading these books… Oh gosh, no no, no I need these distractions to keep me from actually living in reality, I mean that place sucks, duh. Actually gotta wrap it up to get back to reading Gabriel’s Rapture (Part 2 of the series).

xoxo, poppy


gabriel's inferno

hello world!

welcome to my blog. it will probably serve no use to you whatsoever. but i needed something to do between writing my “novel.” or more like i refuse to admit to myself that i’m failing miserably at my writing…so why not blog? that’s like being a writer. sort of. right? .

all of my friends tell me i’m 15 minutes late to my own life…so i probably should’ve started this blogging thing in like 2006 or something but i’m doing it now!

what you may ask does a book-loving beach bum have to say about anything? well join me to see what this twentysomething has to say about books, my so-called #disaster of a life, and ummm whatever other musings…